17 January 2017
09:39 - Abdurahim Polat: The President-Elect Donald Trump is right concerning his criticism of the West’s immigration policy

It is clear Western immigration policy nowadays is the policy towards Muslim immigrants. Current policy urges relative tolerance of the development of inter-religious relations – in a friendly manner, through good education and advice – and thus achieve the destruction of Islamic terror itself.

It seems that the French President Francois Hollande together with former prime minister of France, Manual Valls, a probable candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in France, and Secretary of State of the US, John Kerry, made a deal on following: they stood against the words of US President-Elect Donald Trump’s immigration policy for Muslims in Europe as well as the policy regarding illegal immigrants. The most interesting part is that while the French ask Donald Trump to abstain from getting into the policy of foreign countries, the US Secretary of State John Kerry also supports them on this. Unfortunately these politicians are not talking about what changes need to be done about Muslim immigrants in the immigration policy to prevent the expansion of Islamic terrorism.

Abdurahim Polat said following in his fourth and last letter to US President Barack Obama on January 4, 2017.

* * * * *

Mr. Obama, in the second letter addressed to me you are writing: "Our Nation's proud tradition of religious tolerance and diversity is firmly rooted in our founding documents". Do you want to say that Americans will tolerant to Muslims, whose religion requires that the state must be Islamic, Muslims should live according to Sharia and have the right to have three wives at the same time, the hands of thieves should be cut off, the more larger criminals should be killed with stones and so on? It is impossible!

And, what we can say about the tolerance of Muslims? It is safe to say that about 99 percent of Muslims are not interested in anything except for worship (namaz). 1 percent, i.e. 15 million Muslims think about the need to implement in practice all the requirements of Islam, including the Islamization of the state where they reside. 1 percent of that 1 percent, i.e. 150 thousand Muslims considers it their duty on front of Allah and ready to die for this sacred cause. There are potential terrorists. If they will begin to do something, 15 million Muslims are willing to openly support them, and the rest Muslims will support them in silence, because exactly terrorists are doing everything according to the requirements of Islam.

If George Washington and Thomas Jefferson will read your letter to me and my thoughts on this topic, their life in paradise will turn into hell. Because they understand that Western civilization is coming to an end. Horror!!! But I do not want that.

In the second letter in your name (1 February 2016), I wrote: “I am sure that Mr. Donald Trump is right. Although the rough form, he tries to draw the attention of Americans to the main challenge of the 21st century - Islamic terrorism. The Americans have already heard it. It's good. The next step will be action to address this problem.” As you can see, the Americans have heard him and elected him as president, although almost all of American politics and almost all the media were on the side of Hillary Clinton.

Of course, I most concerned about the fate of my Uzbekistan, the fate of democracy here. However, non-secular Islam and democracy are incompatible. Therefore I started the first historic fight in order to carry out fundamental reforms in Islam and in order to achieve recognition of the principle of secularity Islam.

* * * * *

From the above letter it is obvious that Abdurahim Polat’s thoughts are different and against the thoughts of people like Francois Hollande, Manuel Valls, and John Kerry. In his letter to Barack Obama he expressed his sentiments with the title “While Islam is non-secular – no peace, no democracy, no freedom of religion in the world, in USA” and no one can deny these words.