Actual - 16 April 2010
06:01 - The Road to Recovery in Kyrgyzstan - Dialogue and Compromises (Statement of the "Birlik" Party, Uzbekistan, April 15, 2010)
What happened in Kyrgyzstan is a dangerous precedent and a threat to the development of democratic processes in all Central Asia. Similar events in Azerbaijan and Tajikistan in the early 90s of the last century, illegitimate coming to power of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan and the United Tajik Opposition in their countries, promote Azerbaijan and Tajikistan’s entering to long-term undemocratic regimes. Is it not a lesson for Kyrgyzstan? Moreover, the political situation in Kyrgyzstan after the coup threatens to spiral into civil war.

It is strange to hear statements by the leaders of the new government of reluctance to negotiate with the elected president of the country, when, firstly, the opposition did not try seriously by the courts to challenge the results of recent presidential elections and prove its illegitimacy, and secondly, there is an example of the democratic West, which in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, offers by the mouth of President Hamid Karzai to negotiate even with the Taliban, though, with the so-called moderate Taliban.

Where, in this case, the democratic principles of the new government in Bishkek?

We understand the desire of the Interim Government to continue to stay in power. But first they need to legitimize itself in the eyes of the Kirghiz nation, neighboring countries and the world community. Relying on the support of one superpower, which is far from democratic ideals, moreover, is trying to revive the imperial ambitions that are harmful to Kyrgyzstan.

All of this has to worry the Democrats throughout the region, including the Uzbek democrats.

We consider that the exit out of this situation is - a dialogue of the parties and the search for compromises.

In short, the representatives of the Interim Government and President Kurmanbek Bakiev must sit at the negotiating table. The result of such negotiations could be the following:

- Current parliament holds the session in Osh and Jalalabad, and approves the decrees of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev on the appointment of Rosa Otunbayeva as Prime Minister, Daniyar Usenov as Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan. After that the Parliament can be dissolved.

- Kurmanbek Bakiyev issues a decree on holding the six-month period early presidential and parliamentary elections.

- A new Central Election Commission and a Commission to draft a new Constitution of Kyrgyzstan would be formed; then the draft of a new Constitution will put to a popular referendum.

- In the negotiations as observers will be representatives of the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. These countries will be announced as guarantors of execution of the above decisions.

On behalf of the Central Council of the Party of "Birlik" Uzbekistan:

Abdurahim Polat, Chairman
Polat Ahun, Vice-Chairman
(Unofficial translation from Russian)