Actual - 24 November 2006
06:01 - The letter of “Birlik” leaders to Javier Solana, Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union
November 24, 2006

To: Javier Solana
High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy,
Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union

From: “Birlik” Party of Uzbekistan
Abdurahim Polat
Pulat Akhun

Dear Mr. Solana,

The main democratic organization of Uzbekistan, "Birlik" Party, greets the decision of the European Union to normalize the relations with Uzbekistan on the condition of beginning real democratic changes in the country.

As known, the EU enforced some sanctions against Uzbekistan after bloody Andijan event in May 2006. At November 13, 2006 the EU decided to extend for 12 month the arms embargo and for 6 month visa restrictions for some Uzbek officials. It was also stated that these measures would be reviewed after 3 months taking into account the actions of Uzbek government in the area of human rights.

It is particularly important that the EU accepted Uzbekistan’s proposals to organize in Tashkent a meeting between the EU and Uzbek experts to discuss the Andijan events and start regular dialogue between the EU and Uzbekistan on human rights.

This shows EU’s readiness to soften or even remove the sanctions against Uzbekistan only in exchange for essential steps on democratizations of society and progress in the field of human rights.

The "Birlik" Party holds the same positions, which is declared in its Statement "European Union - Uzbekistan: Normalization of the relations only in exchange for democratization”, November 6, 2006 (The Statement is attached).

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of lending support to pro-democratic forces inside of the country, since democratization of the country and its integration to the West is unthinkable without participation of the democratic opposition of Uzbekistan itself.

In spite of frantic resistance of authorities which have been breaking political rights of more than 21 thousand party members, "Birlik" has already tried for the third consecutive year to pass official registration and began preparations to participate in December 2007 presidential elections. Our correspondence with Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan on the issue of registration shows that authorities recognize us as real democratic organization.

The European Union could promote the sooner registrations of the Party, taking this process under monitoring within the framework of dialogue with Uzbekistan on problems of human rights.

To do this, it is extremely necessary to put into practice contacts and consultations between appropriate representatives of the European Union with representatives of democratic forces of Uzbekistan.

Proceeding from this point of view we are addressing you with a request about meeting with us, leaders of "Birlik" Party: Abdurahim Polat, chairman, Pulat Akhunov, vice-chairman for External Relations.

On meeting we could exchange opinions about situations in Uzbekistan, state the vision of the opposition and offer our suggestions about further development of relations between the EU and Uzbekistan.

We hope our offer about meeting will find your understanding.

Attached: 1. Statement "European Union - Uzbekistan: Normalization of the relations only in
exchange for democratization”, November 6, 2006;
2. About “Birlik” Party of Uzbekistan and its leaders.


Abdurahim Polat
The Chairman
Tel: 1-703-455-9053 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-703-455-9053 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Pulat Akhunov,
The Vice-chairman
Telephone: 46-42-229860
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