02 February 2016
16:17 - Abdurahim Polat to Barak Obama, President of USA: ANTI-ISLAMIC SENTIMENTS in the USA and AROUND the WORLD WILL ONLY GROW

February 01, 2016

To: Mr. Barak Obama, President of USA

From: Abdurahim Polat, Chairman of Popular Movement “Birlik” Party (Uzbekistan)


Dear Mr. Obama,

January 15, 2015 I wrote you a letter, which was devoted to a historical problem, namely the problem of Islamic terrorism. Then I received a short reply of thanks signed by your April 23, 2015.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands that the roots of Islamic terrorism are in the Islam emanating from a misunderstanding of the Quran. So, it is clear that Islamic terrorism is invincible until there is a new interpretation of the Quran and Islam recognizes the principle of secularism.

I think I'm the only person in the world who really is struggling to destroy the roots of Islamic terrorism peacefully through fundamental reforms in Islam, which should lead to the fact that Islam recognizes the principle of secularity. It's not an easy job and I have no time even to eat and to write letters. Besides, my English is not good enough. So I apologize for any possible errors and roughness in this letter.

I learned from the newspaper Baltimore Sun, you're going to visit a mosque in the state of Baltimore. Of course there you will make important statements about Islam and Muslims. I think you will say that the verbal statements of Islamic leaders that Islam is against terrorism are insufficient. The world needs to see Islamic leaders’ concrete steps aimed at improving the image of Islam, there is the need for fundamental reforms in Islam and Islam must finally recognize the principle of secularity.

It should be clear for Muslims that the there is no and can't be freedom of religion to Islam in United States and other democratic countries of the world while Islam does not hold fundamental reforms and does not recognize the principle of secularity. If there is freedom of religion, the United States should allow Muslim men to have three wives and to live under Sharia law, according to which it is necessary to cut off the hands of thieves. For committing larger crimes - criminals should be stoned. And of course, it is necessary to allow the Muslims to strive for the transformation of the US into an Islamic state.

Unfortunately, many officials, sciences and journalists do not know or do not understand these issues. Islamic organizations in the US are engaged in a fraud and bribery of them. The USA Today wrote how Fethullah Gulen's Islamic organizations paid for congressmen’s abroad trips. I know other kind samples too.

But I am sure that during the meeting with Muslims in the Mosque of Maryland you will warn Muslims that if Islam does not hold within itself deep reforms and does not recognize the principle of secularity - anti-Islamic sentiments in the United States and around the world will only grow. Otherwise, your meeting in the mosque will be an encouraging signal for the present and that is especially important for potential Islamic terrorists.

I am sure that Mr. Donald Trump is right. Although the rough form, he tries to draw the attention of Americans to the main challenge of the 21st century - Islamic terrorism. The Americans have already heard it. It's good. The next step will be action to address this problem.

Sincerely yours,

Abdurahim Polat

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