19 November 2015
20:10 - Shock-therapeutic question to Washington Post: When will Muslims be allowed to have three wives in the United States?

The 5th Annual Interfaith Clergy Dinner was organized by the American“Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies" on November 18, 2015 in Fairfax, near the capitol Washington. It should be noted that this organization is one of the wings of the another organization known as Rumi Forum, whose honorary president is very well-known Islamic scholar  Fethullah Gulen. The leader of "Birlik" Party (Uzbekistan) Abdurahim Polat also attended  in this event.

Faith and Spiritually Reporter of The Washington Post Michelle Boorstein had speech on this event about dealing with the issues of interfaith. Then three priests from different religions such as Muslim, Christian and Jewish made their short speeches about interfaith friendship relations.

Then Michelle Boorstein answered the questions of attendees. By the reason that the questions and answers were usual, there is no need to mention them here. Abdurahim Polat was the last among the questioners and said that he had two questions and mentioned his willingness to receive an answer of “yes” or “no” for the first of the questions.

His first question was short: "Is there a freedom of religion in the United States?" The answer was: “Yes”.

Then, the second question followed up: "As known, according to Islam Muslims have the right to have up to three wives at the same time. If there is a freedom of religion in United States, then marrying up to 3 women should be allowed here for Muslims. So when will this happen?"

There's no need to remind that the hall occupied by about 70 people fell into silence. We must pay tribute to Michelle Boorstein who responded to this question more like a politician than a journalist. That is, she avoided giving a direct answer. It seems that Abdulrahim Polat did not expect a different response.