17 November 2015
10:05 - David Cameron has demonstrated that he does not understand the nature of Islamic terrorism

British Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking at the reception of the Lord Mayor of the City yesterday, apparently broke the tradition that has been going on for years in this reception and spoke mainly about issues of the fight against extremism.

Obviously, says correspondent of Agency "Harakat", that the bloody events in Paris forced David Cameron to talk about Islamic terrorism at the reception in the City, but he preferred to use the words "terrorism" and "extremism" instead of "Islamic terrorism".

First, he said that within 5 years there will be allocated £2 billion to strengthen the security of the country, the number of counter-terrorist forces will be increased up to 1.8 thousand and assistance to countries that are not stable will be increased. According to "Harakat" these solutions are natural after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Nevertheless, the thoughts of David Cameron about the need to help Muslims who are trying to show that Islam is a religion of peace, are unlikely to be correct.

He said literally the following: "Extremism is not the quality of the idea of the true Islam, but there is no benefit of just talking about it, because extremists consider themselves as true Muslims. Therefore, we should take care of those who support and trust our business, that is, to protect them and give them financial assistance, we must also ensure their participation in politics."

It is clear that David Cameron does not understand the nature of the topic. In fact, it is the breakdown of almost all the politicians in the West.

The fact is that, as in all religions, the majority of Muslims are not interested in the issues of their religion as a whole. They are limited by the performance of their traditional rules of their religion. However, there are small group of people who are interested in participating in the processes of implementation of all the requirements of their religion, as well as accepting this as their responsibilities in front of their religion, furthermore in front of God. Exactly such minorities are playing the role of the engine in religious communities as well.

Now we need to know the following.

There are incorrect interpretations of holy book of Islam - Quran (so called - tafsir), made even before Middle Ages. For instance, according to these interpretations any State must be Islamic; everyone must accept religion of Islam and live according to the rules of Sharia. All these rules are not acceptable for humanity and are impossible to fulfill. However, a minority part of Muslims, who consider it as their obligation to participate in the implementation of all the demands or requirements of their religion, are blindly ready to do everything, using methods of extremism and even terrorism.

Because all these demands or requirements are already officially accepted by Islam, the majority of Muslims who do not show everyday interest to them, will or start to support a minority's actions, or simply watch the events in silence. That is, they can not go against the demands adopted by Islam .

As a result, no matter how David Cameron would like to educate Muslims, he can’t change opinion of the above mentioned minority. Because the minority is following rules which are officially accepted by Islam. They are fighting to protect them. Thus, it appears that they are right. Therefore, that minority will remain forever and the form of Islamic extremism which turns now into islamic terrorism will live forever too.

The only way out of this deadlock is to implement fundamental reforms in Islam, and as the first step, to accept principles of secularism by Islam, according suggestions of Abdurahim Polat, the leader of the "Birlik" Party (Uzbekistan). It would be very useful and effective, if the West could help Muslims to solve this very important problem, which has already become problem of humanity.