08 May 2011
04:49 - Dear Kyrgyz-brothers! Come to your senses, stop the persecution of Uzbeks! (Statement of the Popular Movement "Birlik" Party of Uzbekistan, May 7, 2011)
The first anniversary of the bloody events that occurred in southern Kyrgyzstan is approaching. The "Birlik" Party expresses again its sincere condolences to the families and relatives of the people killed during those tragic days.

As it is well known, it is clearly the prevailing view in the world even until now that the Uzbeks were massacred by extremist-minded people of Kyrgyzstan. But now even the so-called Independent International Commission created by the authorities of Kyrgyzstan, recognized this genocide of the Uzbeks by Kyrgyz fascists with the support of the Provisional Government. The fact that the Commission with European style bashfully uses the term "crime against humanity" instead of "genocide" and speaks about the "political fanaticism of ethno-nationalism" instead of "Kyrgyz fascism" does not change anything in substance.

There is another alarming fact in the report of the Independent International Commission. 74 percent of those killed in the June 2010 events in the south of Kyrgyzstan are Uzbeks, but in 80 percent of the criminal cases initiated by those events, Uzbeks are the accused. So, the persecution of Uzbeks by official authorities is continuing.

It is extremely necessary now to take decisive steps to ensure that similar events in the Fergana Valley not be repeated.

First of all, the Kyrgyz have to recognize and strongly condemn the fact that part of the Kyrgyz population was infected by fascist ideas. History knows of such examples. For example, the Germans, one of the civilized nations of the world in the last century actually supported Hitler's ideology, and only after defeat by the anti-Hitler coalition, they were forced to condemn fascism.

We are confident that the Kyrgyz would not wait for their defeat. It should be understood that the Uzbeks of Uzbekistan turned into slaves of the existing regime and will not always watch how the genocide or persecution proceeds in the neighboring country. The fact that even the present government of Uzbekistan opened the borders to Uzbek refugees from Uzbekistan says a lot.

At the same time, we must be realistic. It would be naive to think that after these bloody events, both sides quickly reconciled, and will live peacefully. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new form of a State system in Kyrgyzstan, which will ensure the safety of the Uzbeks.

We, the peoples of Central Asia are in a very difficult situation already. We need to survive in the environment of the superpowers - Russia, China and India. The long-term radical solution to our problems is to create a Central Asian or Turkestan Union like the European Union. So it will be because there is no other choice. However, because of the events in south Kyrgyzstan, this issue is drawing back, but does not lose relevance. Therefore, even the proposal to develop a new State system in Kyrgyzstan, including the establishment of autonomy for the Uzbeks, should not be painful for the Kyrgyz at this stage, taking into account the long term - creating a united state.

Dear Kyrgyz-brothers, the time has come today - Kyrgyz people must condemn themselves the Kyrgyz fascism and genocide of Uzbeks, as well as guarantee that last year's events will never happen again.

* * *