11 June 2011
00:09 - Protesters with slogans “Stop the Genocide against Uzbeks” in front of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Tashkent

Yesterday, close to afternoon, 15-20 activists of “Birlik” Party and Human Rights “Ezgulik” Society held a protest with posters reading – “Stop the Genocide against Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan,” “Birlik accuses the Kyrgyz of Fascism,” etc. in front of Kyrgyz Embassy in Tashkent. The order made by Uzbek policemen to the protesters to disperse was not taken into action.

The protesters demanded to meet with the representatives of the embassy. Afterward, two of the protesters – General Secretary of “Birlik” Party, the chief of “Ezgulik” Society Vasila Inoyat and the leader of Tashkent organization of “Birlik” Party Khaitboy Abdulla were invited to the Embassy.

During the conversation with Anorakhon Kosimbekova, who introduced herself as an adviser to the ambassador, Vasila Inoyat and Khaitboy Abdulla asked her to deliver the protestors’ demands to the Kyrgyz government and provided her with copies of “Birlik” and “Ezgulik” statements which contain accusations against Kyrgyz fascism, and demands to enforce the protection procedures for the Uzbek population in Kyrgyzstan.

The Uzbek policemen who arrived with several buses while the meeting was continuing in the Embassy seized most of the protestors and took them to the Mirzo Ulugbek district Police station. Vasila Inoyat and Khaitboy Abdulla were taken to the same place once they left the embassy.

The chairman of “Birlik” Party Abdurakhim Polat, who currently lives in the US, talked with the detainees by cell phone. According to him, they are in a lively mood.

It is understandable what kind of courage the protesters had to have in order to organize this protest in a totalitarian country like Uzbekistan. Nowadays, the detainment of citizens, who defend their people in the capital of the country which carries the name of Uzbeks, demonstrates very well the treachery nature of the government of Uzbekistan.

After several hours the detainees were freed. It appears that the existing regime’s leaders have begun to think about their future and fear what will happen when Uzbeks will waken.