08 May 2011
A significant event in the life of the democratic opposition of Uzbekistan occurred on May 7. For the first time in years, “Birlik” Party’s Central Council held meeting in Tashkent. The number of members of this body is 38. They were elected in the party’s last Congress in August 25, 2003. The May 7 event collected 30 of the members of the Central Council. The Chairman of “Birlik’ Mr. Abdurahim Polat who lives in the U.S. in exile and the Vice-chairman Mr. Polat Ohun who lives in exile in Sweden participated in the meeting online, using the opportunities of Skype.

The meeting was led by other vise-chairmen of ‘Birlik” Mr. Daynov Tashanov, Mr. Xoliqnazar Ganiev, Hayitbay Yaqubov and General Secretary Mrs. Vasila Inoyatova.

The first and main issue of the agenda was the intensification of efforts directed toward the revival of the party’s activity which significantly fell after the bloody Andijan events of 2005.

The meeting decided to support the proposal offered last year of Mr. Abdurahim Polat about the necessity to organize a stream of thousands or tens of thousands (if it is possible) applications to the Human Rights Society “Ezgulik” with request to defend the political rights of the party’s members in front of authorities who have not given a final decision about the registration of “Birlik” Party. “Ezgulik,” as an officially registered organization, can deliver the copies of these applications to the President of Uzbekistan, the Constitution Court, heads of Parliament, leaders of officially registered parties, and representatives of Western countries in order to attract their attention toward the injustices against the “Birlik” Party.

According to Mr. Polat, the process of organizing a stream of applications to “Ezgulik” and other future events will have almost the same effect as mass meetings, because events in Arabic countries are not an example for us and we are in an absolutely different situation.

The second issue on the agenda for the “Birlik” meeting was last year’s bloody events in south of Kyrgyzstan. After a very stormy discussion, a special appeal-statement was adopted – “Dear Kyrgyz brothers, think of what you’re doing, stop persecuting Uzbeks!”

The following is brief excerpt of the statement of “Birlik.”

Prevailing opinion in the world has already been formed that the Kyrgyz people organized bloody slaughter of Uzbeks in the south of Kyrgyzstan. Now, even the so-called Independent International Commission, formed by the government of Kyrgyzstan, has in fact recognized genocide by Kyrgyz fascists against Uzbeks. It does not matter that the Commission has bashfully used terms such as “crime against humanity” instead of “genocide,” and “political fanaticism of ethno-nationalism” instead of “fascism”.

In order to prevent the repetition of similar events, the Kyrgyz nation has to accuse itself of Kyrgyz fascism. The history knows of these kinds of examples. For example, the German people were forced to accuse Hitler of fascism, but only after their defeat by the anti-Hitler coalition. We believe that the Kyrgyz people will not wait for defeat.

In the future, the countries of Central Asian are doomed to join a Union similar to the European Union. Events like last year’s in the south of Kyrgyzstan will slow the process of a Union but cannot stop it. This is why possible autonomy for Uzbeks should not be dangerous for the Kyrgyzs in the future.

Now it is time for the Kyrgyz nation to recognize Kyrgyz fascism in order to prevent the repetition of similar events and avoid slowing down the process of uniting Central Asia.

“Birlik” Party’s Central Counsel had also discussed other issues and made appropriate decisions.