09 November 2010
04:24 - The puppet party engaged with toy issues
According to the press release of the Peoples' Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, party executives are trying to bring society's attention to the production of toys and their cultural quality. In the opinion of the Party's executives, these toys, especially imported ones, are negatively affecting our children's minds and spreading violence within young generations. But most stores have no wish to sell national Uzbek products. Many are indifferent to the young generation's fate.

The Peoples' Democratic Party, which brought up this “global” issue, was even criticized by their “opposition” - Liberal Party of Uzbekistan. But in PDP's opinion LP does not understand the issue deep enough.

It looks like the fall season of the puppet theatre in Uzbekistan's political arena has started. The previous shows of our political parties' were funny but these performances are really pitiful, says our corespondent.