31 October 2010
21:35 - Tashkent held a 4-day international industrial fair and cooperation exchange market
On 26-30 October, Tashkent “Uzexpocenter" held the 4th International industrial fair and cooperation exchange market, as it is known from official news. Naturally, as with everything in Uzbekistan, this it was said that this event was also made possible by the initiative of president Islam Karimov.

This international forum gathered representative from 650 foreign organizations in 71 countries as well as 700 local companies.

During this forum process, contracts between participants were made and signed for about 2.6 trillion soms. Contracts in foreign currencies totaled over $3 billion.

This is in comparison to last year’s forum results of 2 trillion sums and $2.3 billion, respectively.

The names and types of the products and services in contracts were not brought to public attention in the news at all.