13 October 2010
01:18 - It seems the Uzbek regime is trying to silence America, but in reality, the Uzbek National Security Service is just saving its peoples in the “Voice of America” radio station
The second hearing against "Voice of America" radio station's correspondent Mr Abdumalik Boboev took place yesterday at Mirzo Ulugbek county criminal court in Tashkent.

It is known, that journalist is being charged for slander, insult, illegally passing the border, and distributing materials which may promote the undermining public order. At yesterday's hearing, the charge for illegal border crossing was not proven. However, some government subordinated experts found the other charges reasonable and expressed opinions against Abdumalik Boboev.

"This court hearing process is not against Abdumalik Boboev's personality, but the process against ‘Voice of America’ and this is just a beginning," said one of the human rights activist participants of the hearing.

From "Harakat": It is known from the facts reported on our website, that journalists of the Uzbek service of the "Voice of America" radio station in Washington work through the embassy of the United States in Uzbekistan under supervision of National Security Services of Uzbekistan. For example, the station never has and will not discuss the democratic opposition's activity within Uzbekistan. The recovery of the "Birlik" Party in 2001-2003 and how it is getting more active now is not being informed to the audience. These facts were spoken by "Birlik" Party leader Mr. Abdurahim Pulat at all appropriate instances. This has become known by the radio station executives and without a doubt it makes them worried.

According to the representative of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Washington, who preferred not to be revealed, the Uzbek service journalists of the "Voice of America" radio station have appealed to the Embassy of Uzbekistan and asked for help to justify themselves in this difficult situation. Their request was delivered to Tashkent.

The real objective of this case against Abdumalik Boboev is to create an image that the Uzbek government is angry with activity of the Uzbek service of "Voice of America" and its journalists who collaborate with "Voice of America" have been under pressure in Uzbekistan. National Security Service, in order to save their people in Washington, may even sacrifice a minor journalist in Tashkent.