10 October 2010
07:33 - Finally, Russian democrats are going to join into a single party, and now it’s the Uzbek democrats’ turn
Yesterday, at the Bolotnaya Square in Moscow, was the first legally authorized rally of the "Russia without arbitrariness and corruption" coalition. Next, they had meeting of the Organizational Committee of the coalition. At the meeting it was decided to create the unified "People's Freedom" party. According to the information spread by the chairman of the People's Democratic Union Michael Kosyanov's consultant Elena Dikun, the party congress will be held in Moscow on December 13. The party's name will be legalized at the same conference.

It is known, "Birlik" Party's leader Mr. Abdurahim Polat has already spoken in the past several years about the necessity of the democratic opposition’s unification into a single party, because experiences of Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan demonstrate that the mere coalition of different parties are not effective. If Russians understood this truth and try to gather everybody under one new party, they deserve applause.

However, the situation in Uzbekistan is slightly different. Here, only the "Birlik" Party retains its original structure and does practical activities within Uzbekistan. So, it would be the best to gather the parties within "Birlik".