14 October 2010
13:28 - "Harakat" criticized, Mutabar Tojibaeva's response arrived through Ulugbek Bakir
On October 9th of this year, in the article titled, "What would happen if the Nobel Peace Prize was given to an Uzbek, not to a Chinese?" we noted inactivity of such people like Sanjar Umarov, Saidjahon Zaynobiddinov or Mutabar Tojiboeva, who in different periods have been imprisoned by the Uzbek regime and who had forgotten about Uzbek people's problems after discharge.

Our site collaborator, currently living in Norway, "Birlik" activist Ulugbek Bakir sent a letter to Mutabar Tojbay and asked her opinion of that article.

As an ex-human rights activist, she said that she does not care about gossip and rumors. She is writing a book named "Woman Prisoner of the Torture Island." During these important busy moments, responding to some kind of gossip might appear illogical, she said.

From "Harakat," it is known from the answer that the ex-rights activist is working on a book. If to take on account that this book will not reach the destination (Uzbekistan), it is useless. In the 21st century when books lost their value, it is certain that four people would not be found reading that book in English or French. Of course books have their roles too, but it should be second place to activist work.

We mentioned several examples of Cuba, Iraq in the time of Saddam Husain, and Northern Korea, how useless the opposition against dictators from outboard, especially by writing a book. The same can be said about Uzbekistan. The fight must be within the country. But people who for some reason cannot return to Uzbekistan have no other way but help fellow collaborators who are leading activity within the country. This comes from world experience.

We believe, as soon as Peace Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo is released, he will either be active in China or will work to help the other activists within the country. If he does not do so, he will be in line with Sanjar Umarov, Saidjahon Zaynobiddinov or Mutabar Tojiboeva.