06 October 2010
18:43 - Nightmare in Kokand: The city’s government employee Muhammadjon Imomaliev and his family members were slaughtered
Yesterday night, an authorized official of Kokand city Capital Building Department Muhammadjon Imomaliev, his wife and two sons were slaughtered in their own place of living. The reason for this shocking slaughter is still unknown. Officers from the National Security Service, the Prosecutor's office and the Internal Affairs Department organized a rapid response investigation group and the details of the case are being studied. According to some Kokand city dwellers, the slaughtering was a result of a robbery.

One of Muhammadjon Imomaliev's sons was an employee of the local bank, and another son was working in the United States and had arrived temporarily to visit his family.

It was announced that the funeral will be at 16:30 today.