02 October 2010
01:22 - The court hearing against "Voice of America" reporter Abdumalik Boboev will start soon
According to the news distributed by the Independent Human Rights Initiative Group, the court hearing against Abdumalik Boboev whose alias is Malik Mansur will take place in Criminal Matters court of Mirzo-Ulugbek district. That his case has been assigned to the court hearing is known from our Uzbek language news of September 15.

According to the case 18/10-2683 prepared by senior investigator of the City Prosecutors office H.Hasanov, the following charges brought against journalist: slander, insult, illegally passing the border, creation and distribution of materials which can undermine public opinion.

It is well known, that the Washington bureau of Uzbek service of the "Voice of America" works under supervision of and collaboration with Uzbekistan embassy in Washington. For this reason, Uzbek service of radio stays far away from democracy ideas, sees Uzbekistan democratic opposition as enemy just like Uzbekistan regime does. Even speeches given by the leader of "Birlik" Party Mr Abdurahim Polat at the Commission of the United States congress were converted in the way Uzbekistan regime prefers.

Therefore, Abdumalik Boboev who cooperates with "Voice of America", which in turns discloses the democratic processes in Uzbekistan being choked off, widely stepping on the human rights situation, may not be a reason to revenge for court against Abdumalik Boboev, says reporter of News Agency "Harakat". We have published several concrete articles in our site revealing the real face of the Uzbek service of the Radio "Voice of America". The articles may be found in the archives.