29 September 2010
03:26 - Today "Birlik" Party's Fergana regional organization conference was held in Kokand city
In the Fergana regional conference of “Birlik” Party under "To get the Party registration - is the priority task" slogan, over 22 activists participated from Kokand city, Rishton, Uzbekistan, Fergana, Bagdod, Besharik and Toshlok districts. Abdurahim Pulat through the telephone from Washington, Mrs. Vasilya Inoyat who arrived from Tashkent, Musajon Bobojon, Nurmuhamad Aziz and Dilmurod Muhiddin as guests from neighbor Andijan region joined the meeting. Fergana valley vice-chairman of the Party Hamdam Sulaymon was unable to participate in the meeting due to his participation at the Supreme Court in Tashkent.

The main subject of the meeting led by Mrs. Vasilya Inoyat and Party regional organization chairman Adham Muhiddin was to restart and complete the process of registration of the "Birlik" Party at the Ministry of Justice which was frozen after bloody Andijan events.

The participants were united in the opinion that there are no places for positive changes in political, economic and social spheres of the country without political reforms and the first step of reforms must be registration of the opposition Party "Birlik".

The Party Secretary Mrs. Vasilya Inoyat reminded to the participants of the conference about decisions accepted by Party's Central Committee Meeting (May 1, 2010, Tashkent) regarding the appeal to the appropriate instances of State power, human rights societies of Uzbekistan and international organizations about registration of “Birlik” Party. The participants of conference decided that the organization of appeals is the first step; afterwards it is necessary to complete the process of "Birlik" Party registration, which is being delayed by the Ministry of Justice.

Also, there were discussions about human rights situation in the country, Uzbek - Kyrghiz relationships and many other issues.

The regional conferences of the "Birlik" Party like this will be organized in other regions also, and the strategies of the party activation will be defined more precisely.