25 September 2010
04:48 - Kyrgyz democracy in practice: Vasilya Inoyat was denied entrance to Osh
Yesterday, Uzbekistan Human Rights Society chairwoman Vasilya Inoyat was detained and kept in a room for over 5 hours by Kyrgyz border officers at the Andijan - Osh "Friendship" (Dustlik) border post, despite all legal documents she had. She was isolated from outside world, her cell phone was taken away too.

It looks that Kyrgyz officials knew Vasilya Inoyat, they informed Bishkek about Uzbek democrat's wish to pass the board and waited for instructions. After 5 hours, the instructions arrived to not letting her pass the border and she was suggested to get special pass from Kyrgiz embassy in Tashkent in order to pass the border.

Today Vasilya Inoyat came to Kyrghiz Embassy in Tashkent. As soon as she introduced herself and let them know of her wish to visit Osh, she was denied entrance to the Embassy because of the absence anybody inside. Despite waiting for 2 hours at the door, she had no chance to see anyone.

It may be suspected that Vasilya Inoyat got into the black list of the Kyrgyzstan Provisional government's dictatorship regime and from now on she will not be able to enter this country.

As it is known, after legal Kyrghiz government overturn and Provisional government appearance in April, the "Birlik" Party made a statement of caution and warned that events in Kyrgyzstan will negatively affect democratic processes in all Central Asia.

And it really happens. In times of Akaev and Bakiev, Kyrgyzstan used to be much more democratic and now day-by-day it gets similar to Uzbekistan regime. The attitude of Kyrgyz officials to Vasilya Inoyat is one more proof of that thought.