20 August 2010
04:17 - Disturbance in Osh: Kyrgyz people defend the city Mayor and beat up human rights activist defending Uzbeks. Uzbeks in trouble!
As independent Kyrgyz news agencies report, today at the department building of Osh city where after rumours that Melis Mirzakmatov was dismissed from his post of the mayor, citizens gathered for the meeting to defend him. First, it was informed that about 200-300 people participated in the meeting , then in the news it went up to 3000 people.

It is known that Melis Mirzakmatov is one of the heads of the Uzbeks massacre in Osh. But , it also became known, that unnunited and helpless Uzbeks also defend this mayor. For instance, the leader of the Uzbek National Center sent a letter asking Kyrgyz authorities to award the mayor with "Kyrgyzstan Hero" title. And we must not be surprised if there were some Uzbeks in the meeting defending the mayor.

At the same time, as Uzbek service of the radio "Liberty" informs, in August 18 Kyrgyz human rights activist, the chairwoman of "Kilim shami" nongovernmental organization Mrs. Aziza Abdurasulova was surrounded and beaten by a group of Kyrgyz women. This was the result of the Kyrgyz Ombudsman Tursunbek Akun's speech a day earlier on the state television.

As it became known, in August 17 in a television speech, Kyrgyz Ombudsman Tursunbek Akun blamed some of the human rights activists in distortion of the events in Osh and Jalalabad. He meant rights activists, particularly, Mrs. Aziza Abdurasulova who openly talked about Uzbeks being killed by Kyrgyz people. The very next day she got blamed of betrayal and got beaten by the group of Kyrgyz women.

Here we can see, Kyrgyzstan after government turnover in April 7 is becoming the same dictatorship state like Uzbekistan. Kyrgyzstan Ombudsman is becoming like Uzbekistan Ombudsman. There are a lot of instances when human rights activists were beaten in Uzbekistan by different groups of women.

So, the provisional government witch let the massacre in June 11-14 will continue letting it happen. The previous massacre was on the streets and now it will be in the Security Services and Ministry of Internal Affairs basements. Just like in Uzbekistan.

Uzbeks in Uzbekistan and Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan have no defenders while the regime in Uzbekistan will not change and the Uzbek patriots will not come to the power. Waiting for help from the international community is a silliness. It will be the same until Uzbeks get rid of their crying habit and think about decisions to become a power to defend itself.