24 August 2010
01:30 - Islam Karim’s conguratulation to Rosa Otunbaeva is the spit to the face of Uzbeks
Today the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karim sent a telegram with congratulations to the head of the provisional government of Kyrgystan Rosa Otunbaeva. On the telegram were described warm wishes, and special spot of Rosa Otunbaeva in the Uzbek-Kyrgyz relationship.

As it became known, Dmitriy Medvedev also sent a telegram with congratulations to a woman who ruled the massacre against Uzbeks in southern Kyrgystan.

There is a difference between Dmitriy Medvedev's congratulations who sent a telegram to his own puppet and Islam Karimov's congratulations, says our corespondent from Osh. With massacre participants still on their ruling posts in Osh, Jalalabad, and Bishkek , and with continuing arrests against Uzbeks, congratulating the head of this country with her birthday is a betrayal in reference to Uzbek nation.

It is very sad, but this betrayal looks like a logical sequence of the previous ones.