16 August 2010
04:52 - "Birlik" Party’s leader talked by the phone with associates and discussed the future plans
Yesterday and today, the "Birlik" Party chairman Abdurahim Polat talked through the telephone to the Party’s vice-chairmen Pulat Okhun, Hamdam Sulaymon and also Party General Secretary Mrs Vasila Inoyat, about realization of the accepted decrees on Central Council's Board expanded meeting held on May 1 in Tashkent and also about future plans.

It is known, that the main subject of that meeting's Agenda was to accelerate the activities directed to get the official registration of " Birlik" Party in the Ministry of Justice and for this reason to use the opportunities of "Ezgulik" - worldwide known Uzbekistan Human Rights Society. It also was decided to attract the attention of the international organizations like EU and OSCE to this issue.

Abdurahim Polat recalled that “Birlik” activists did a good job in order to attract the attention of the EU and OSCE to the process of registration of the Party. He recalled the visit of the group of Uzbek democrats led by Pulat Okhun to Stockholm, Brussels and their very important meetings in Sweden Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Sweden Parliament, European Parliament and Eurocomission in the end of May and the beginning of June 2010. Uzbek democrats tried to explain to the West politicians the importance of most powerful or possibly only opposition organization in Uzbekistan - “Birlik” Party’s registration for promoting democracy in the country.

“Birlik” Party’s General Secretary Vasila Inoyat in her meeting with EU Special Representative Pier Morel also attracted his attention to this issue. Hamdam Sulaymon did the same in the recent meeting in Kokand City of Uzbekistan with diplomats from Great Britain.

We have to enliven our activity more in this direction. At the May 1 meeting we made a decision: To organize party members’ and its proponents’ applications to submit to "Ezgulik" society, and ask for assistance from human rights defenders to defend political rights of “Birlik” Party’s members. We need to accelerate this process. For this purpose, it is necessary to organize meetings in provincial organizations, choose responsible persons and quickly pass to the practical stages.

The "Birlik" activists discussed the future steps of this process, particularly, the financial aspects of this kind of campaign.