26 August 2010
04:00 - Chevrolet Spark mini automobile presentation held in Tashkent
As informed in the earlier Uzbek language news, the presentation of the Chevrolet Spark automobile, the product of the U.S.-Uzbekistan joint company “GM-Uzbekistan,” was supposed to take place in August 25. The information about the presentation, which was held today in the Tashkent "Uzexpocenter," was distributed not through official news agencies but by almost an unknown website, gazeta.uz.

The site journalists wrote of this automobile as 5 door, but it can be seen in the picture that it has 3 doors including the back door. The earlier news of the same site informed the length of Chevrolet Spark to be longer than the previous models by 145 mm (14.5 centimeters). Our correspondent prepared the previous news thinking that 14.5 centimeters was not subject for mentioning and wrote 1.45 meters instead. As it is known now, Chevrolet Spark is longer than previous model (Matiz) by just 14.5 centimeters. So the new model is still very small.

The price of the vehicle was advertised as 18 million sums (approximately $10,800) and it will be on sale starting tomorrow.