12 August 2010
03:48 - Tashkent province is alienated from citizens of the country
After February 1999 terrorist attacks in Tashkent, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karim issued the special decree, which put under restraint obtaining the right (that is, registration) to live in Tashkent City. The only way to get registration in capital city was through the decision of specially organized commission. Special commission would not see everyone as worthy to live in the capital city. As a result, most of the employees registered in the Tashkent province but continued living in the city.

Now, not everyone will be able to live and get registered in Tashkent province because of yesterday's decree. According to this decree, a special commission in provincial administration department will be organized. Aimed to reduce the capital city population, this anti constitutional government decree brought several more inconveniences. The decree states that Uzbek and Foreign citizens will not be able to buy any accommodation in Tashkent City and province territories and will not be able to obtain an official right (registration) to live.