08 August 2010
16:31 - Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Great Britain met with the "Birlik" Party's vice-chairman
Representative on Uzbekistan and Tajikistan matters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Great Britain Mr. John Hetenstal and a head of the political matters department of the British Council in Uzbekistan Mr. Richard Pick visited the city of Kokand and met with a vice-chairman of the "Birlik" Party - Hamdam Sulaymon. The conversation touched government barriers in respect to democratic activities in Uzbekistan, violation of human rights, and situation with opposition, particularly, the situation around "Birlik" Party.

Of course, the central subject of the dialogue was the "Birlik" Party. As Mr. Hamdam Sulaymon briefly tells the history of the "Birlik" Party, he informs, how years till now the "Birlik" Party fights for its official registration.

Now, he says, the official registration of the "Birlik" Party became not only this Party's aim but also the aim of the entire democratic opposition. Just recently, the group of Uzbek democrats, mostly the "Birlik" Party members including Hamdam Sulaymon, had high level meetings in Sweden Parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Euro Parliament and Euro Commission in Stoсkholm and Brussels. “We were promised to be helped in all instances”, said Hamdam Sulaymon.

He asked British guests for assistance in this task, to pressure Uzbekistan government, and to monitor the process of the registration of the "Birlik" Party. John Hetenstal assured to pass these words to the appropriate officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in his country. The British Ambassador in Tashkent who plans to visit Fergana Valley will meet with Hamdam Sulaymon.

The chairman of the party Mr Abdurahim Polat talked with Hamdam Sulaymon through the phone from United States, and learned more about this important meeting.