02 August 2010
14:05 - One of the leaders of the "Birlik" Party Daynov Tashanov recovered after heart attack
On July 11th of this year we informed about the "Birlik" Party vice-president Daynov Tashanov who got heart attack and was brought in to Kashkadarya regional Emergency Center.

Daynov Tashanov, who twice came through myocardial heart attack later, was moved to Tashkent Republican Emergency center. With experienced surgeon's help he got installed conductors into his heart (steno). After the danger was over, "Birlik" activist Daynov Tashanov was discharged yesterday as he was feeling healthy.

After his discharge, the party leader Abdurahim Polat talked to Daynov Tashanov through the phone, wishing the Uzbek oppositionist good health and jokingly said that he has no right to get ill these days.