20 June 2019
18:22 - Statement of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU) "Ezgulik": "Ezgulik" leader suffered a car crash or be careful of Ortikhodjaev ’s "CHAKMAN"!
"CHAKMAN-150" heavy truck, running along the Akhangaran highway in Tashkent on June 19, 2019, had a traffic accident with automobile Lacetti with number C 403 DB, driven by Abdurahmon Tashanov, chairman of the HRSU "Ezgulik". The human rights activist survived by a coincidence, and he is now receiving treatment from acute depression.

According to inspectors of the Tashkent city department of internal affairs, the heavy truck "CHAKMAN-150" has no documents. State-owned, technical, and compulsory insurance policies are not available. These cars, which were imported from China in December 2018 and have reached an average of 7,000 kilometers, did not even carry out customs clearance procedures.

According to the driver and traffic patrol service inspector: heavy trucks, which have been illegally exploited for six months in the city of Tashkent, were imported by the Tashkent city administration. 35 of these heavy trucks, famous among the people as Ortikhodjaev’s trucks, are under the control of the city road construction organization.

“Ezgulik "activists were said that traffic police officers are not authorized to suspend such trucks and to check their documents. Instead, it is forbidden to stop such trucks and to take action against them.

With the initiative of the chairman of HRSU "Ezgulik" Abdurahmon Tashanov, the Traffic Police officers were summoned and the traffic accident between the car and the unidentified truck was properly documented. The car and the truck of the accident were brought to the penal area of the Tashkent city police department. The car belonging to the human rights activist was seriously injured in the accident, and there is no technical damage to the truck. According to narcological expertise, drivers did not drink alcohol. The dispute will be resolved through the courts.

Here are some questions:

1. Why did the Tashkent city administration and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan allow movement to vehicles, which are unregistered and without proper documents?

2. Why are ordinary drivers simply stopped when there is a lack of insurance or a document, however why are dozens of trucks driven in the city streets?

3. Who is interested in this illegal "business" or does not the law apply to the mayor of Tashkent?

HRSU “Ezgulik” urgently demands that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor-General's Office investigate the illegal use of trucks in Tashkent (possibly in the provinces) and give its explanations to the public. The public and the media expect the authorities to draw attention to this issue.

HRSU “Ezgulik” Press Center