17 February 2015
20:36 - "Ezgulik" presented the annual report in the US Embassy and drew attention to the new aspects of existing problems

Today, February 17, 2015, the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan "Ezgulik" presented “Human rights situation report – 2014” in the US Embassy in Tashkent. The presentation meeting was lead by new US Ambassador Pamela Spratlen. There were representatives Tashkent offices of the United Nations, the European Union, the OSCE, the World Bank and National Democratic Institute. as well as ambassadors or representatives of embassies of the Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, Japan and Latvia.

Report presented by Chairman of "Ezgulik" Vasila Inoyatova and Board member of the "Ezgulik" Abdurahmon Tashanov.

According to the report the human rights situation in Uzbekistan in 2014 was the same as previous years. In the sections of the report dealing with issues of religious freedom, exploitation of child labor, freedom of speech, discrimination political and civil rights and others, this fact is fully proved.

Vasila Inoyatova said that despite criticism from international organizations and the West, there almost nothing has changed in Uzbekistan in last years. The question arises - what to do?

The report paid sufficient attention to the search for answers to this question and offers some solutions to problems.

First, the human rights situation in any country does not improve significantly until the authorities do not recognize the democratic opposition organizations and keep them out of the political arena. Therefore, in the 21st century it is necessary to pay special attention to the issues of political rights.

Second. Uzbekistan, like most Muslim countries, according to the Constitution is a secular state. However, according to the current understanding of Islam, the state should be Islamic. While there is this contradiction, the religious freedom can not be respected in secular Muslim countries even theoretically, that is way the threat of Islamic terrorism will only raise.

Religious, social and political and human rights activists should pay special attention to this issue in the 21st century.

Vasila Inoyatova and Abdurahmon Tashanov also answered numerous questions from the participants. They thanked everyone, especially the US Ambassador, for the attention to the human rights situation in Uzbekistan.

In the photo on the top row in the center - US Ambassador Pamela Spratlen, next on her left side Vasila Inoyatova, Abdurahmon Tashanov. Click photo to enlarge hand cursor.

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