17 August 2014
17:03 - The killing of a black man in the United States caused a storm of demonstrations
On August 9 in the town of Ferguson near St. Louis - Missouri Center - Caucasian police officer Darren Wilson, 28, shot a young black man named Michael Brown, 18, who was suspected of robbing a store and resisting police. Since then, a number of cities in the United States held demonstrations, which mostly involved black Americans. In some cities, for example, in St. Louis demonstrations turned into riots

The situation became so bad that the local authorities were forced to use methods that the United States today had virtually forgotten - Governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency and banned the appearance of people on the streets from midnight to 6 am.

It must be emphasized that the US police is one of the best and fair in the world, the United States is a law-governed state, and justice will prevail in this situation. If it is proved that Michael Brown broke the law, and resisted the police, a police officer will be acquitted or will receive a minor penalty. If it turns out that the police officer was not right, he will get a more serious punishment.

In any case, one can understand the blacks who protested. They were attentive to the fate of their loved one, and have demonstrated that there is a civil society in the US. In most countries, this would not have been the case.