News Agency HARAKAT - 14 January 2018

  • 17:25Spot on the face of the US: "Voice of America" officially added to the list of puppet media of the regime of Uzbekistan

    First, we are talking about the Uzbek service of the "Voice of America". Secondly, the US Ambassador to Uzbekistan Pamela Spratlen became the person who made the greatest contribution to the inclusion of the Uzbek service of the "Voice of America", to the list of puppet media in Uzbekistan. Thirdly, the fact that the interview of Pamela Spratlen to the Uzbek service of the "Voice of America" is completely reprinted by the National Information Agency of Uzbekistan is an official document confirmi...

10 April 2017
07 April 2017
  • 17:46Özbekistan “Birlik” Partisi başkanı Abdurahim Polat - Türklere Çağrı

    05 Nisan 2017   "Evet"çiler referandumu kazanırsa, Türkiye islamlaşacak ve nihayetinde parçalanacaktir,   Türkler “Hayır” diyerek, Türkiye’yive Türk Dünyasını kurtaramalıdırlar  Tüm Türk vatandaşlarını 16 Nisan'da yapılacak referandum’a "Hayır" demeye çağırıyorum. Yalniz Türkiye'de az bilindigim için öncelikle kısaca kendimi ve kendi görüşümü aktarmak  zorund...

17 January 2017
  • 09:39Abdurahim Polat: The President-Elect Donald Trump is right concerning his criticism of the West’s immigration policy

    It is clear Western immigration policy nowadays is the policy towards Muslim immigrants. Current policy urges relative tolerance of the development of inter-religious relations – in a friendly manner, through good education and advice – and thus achieve the destruction of Islamic terror itself. It seems that the French President Francois Hollande together with former prime minister of France, Manual Valls, a probable candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in France, and S...

02 February 2016
  • 16:17Abdurahim Polat to Barak Obama, President of USA: ANTI-ISLAMIC SENTIMENTS in the USA and AROUND the WORLD WILL ONLY GROW

    February 01, 2016 To: Mr. Barak Obama, President of USA From: Abdurahim Polat, Chairman of Popular Movement “Birlik” Party (Uzbekistan) ANTI-ISLAMIC SENTIMENTS in the USA and AROUND the WORLD WILL ONLY GROW Dear Mr. Obama, January 15, 2015 I wrote you a letter, which was devoted to a historical problem, namely the problem of Islamic terrorism. Then I received a short reply of thanks signed by your April 23, 2015. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that the roots of Islami...

19 November 2015
  • 20:10Shock-therapeutic question to Washington Post: When will Muslims be allowed to have three wives in the United States?

    The 5th Annual Interfaith Clergy Dinner was organized by the American“Institute of Islamic and Turkish Studies" on November 18, 2015 in Fairfax, near the capitol Washington. It should be noted that this organization is one of the wings of the another organization known as Rumi Forum, whose honorary president is very well-known Islamic scholar  Fethullah Gulen. The leader of "Birlik" Party (Uzbekistan) Abdurahim Polat also attended  in this event. Faith and Spiritually Reporter o...

17 November 2015
  • 10:05David Cameron has demonstrated that he does not understand the nature of Islamic terrorism

    British Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking at the reception of the Lord Mayor of the City yesterday, apparently broke the tradition that has been going on for years in this reception and spoke mainly about issues of the fight against extremism. Obviously, says correspondent of Agency "Harakat", that the bloody events in Paris forced David Cameron to talk about Islamic terrorism at the reception in the City, but he preferred to use the words "terrorism" and "extremism" instead of "Islamic t...

18 October 2015
15 October 2015
15 August 2015
24 March 2015
  • 07:30 Tiny sensation: “Harakat” News Agency's (Uzbekistan) representative participated at the Camp David press conference

    Yesterday, State Secretary John Kerry held a meeting in Camp David (US President’s residence) with President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister Abdullo Abdulloh. Then they held a joint press conference. There was no sensational news about the US-Afghan relations at the press conference. But it seems that the proposal of Ashraf Ghani to raise the number of American troops in his country, made a few days before his visit to the United States, will be received positively. This i...

17 February 2015
  • 20:36"Ezgulik" presented the annual report in the US Embassy and drew attention to the new aspects of existing problems

    Today, February 17, 2015, the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan "Ezgulik" presented “Human rights situation report – 2014” in the US Embassy in Tashkent. The presentation meeting was lead by new US Ambassador Pamela Spratlen. There were representatives Tashkent offices of the United Nations, the European Union, the OSCE, the World Bank and National Democratic Institute. as well as ambassadors or representatives of embassies of the Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, the Cze...

17 August 2014
  • 17:03The killing of a black man in the United States caused a storm of demonstrations

    On August 9 in the town of Ferguson near St. Louis - Missouri Center - Caucasian police officer Darren Wilson, 28, shot a young black man named Michael Brown, 18, who was suspected of robbing a store and resisting police. Since then, a number of cities in the United States held demonstrations, which mostly involved black Americans. In some cities, for example, in St. Louis demonstrations turned into riots The situation became so bad that the local authorities were forced to use methods that t...

10 May 2014
22 December 2012
  • 23:31Who is Abdurahim Polat?

    Abdurahim Polat was born in 1945 in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. He graduated from the Moscow Technical University in 1968. He gradually became a doctor of technical sciences and a professor in the field of information technologies and intellectual robots. During major changes implemented by Gorbachev, he became involved in politics. He participated in the activities of "Birlik" which was founded in 1988 as the first organization in Uzbekistan opposing the policies of the existing Soviet ...

17 November 2012
  • 22:15Members of “Birlik” Party had visited the office of European Union in Uzbekistan

    Today afternoon following members of the opposition of “Birlik” Party held a meeting with Chairman of Political Department of EU in Tashkent Ondrej Shimek: Deputy Chairman of opposition “Birlik” Party - Daynov Tashanov, General Secretary - Vasilya Inoyat, Chairman of Tashkent city organization of “Birlik” Hayit Abdulla, Chairman of Fergana region organization of “Birlik” Adham Muhiddin, Chairman of Andijan region organization of “Birlik” Musajon Bobojon, Chairman of Sirdarya region organization ...

17 March 2012
  • 01:36The problems of transboundary pollution areas in Uzbekistan Tajik aluminum plant

    One of the most pressing environmental problems in Central Asia is a cross-border land pollution by industrial emissions of the State Unitary Enterprise "Tajik Aluminum Company" (SUE "Talco"). This industrial giant is the only company in Central Asia for the production of aluminum and the main polluter of adjacent territories of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is located sixty miles west of Dushanbe near the town of Tursunzada near the border with Uzbekistan. Only 18 miles separate the company fro...

02 February 2012
  • 12:48Abdurahim Polat to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State

    «Б И Р Л И К» Х А Л Қ Ҳ А Р А К А Т И П А Р Т И Я С И P O P U L A R M O V E M E N T «B I R L I K» P A R T Y (Chairman - Abdurahim Polat: 1-703-455-9053, General Secretary – Vasila Inoyat: 998-97-131-4872,   February 02, 2012 To: Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State From: Abdurahim Polat “Birlik” Party of Uzbekistan Chairman Dear Madam Secretary, I have recently read in the news (USA Today and Washington Post), the stories...

23 July 2011
11 June 2011
  • 00:09Protesters with slogans “Stop the Genocide against Uzbeks” in front of the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Tashkent

    Yesterday, close to afternoon, 15-20 activists of “Birlik” Party and Human Rights “Ezgulik” Society held a protest with posters reading – “Stop the Genocide against Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan,” “Birlik accuses the Kyrgyz of Fascism,” etc. in front of Kyrgyz Embassy in Tashkent. The order made by Uzbek policemen to the protesters to disperse was not taken into action. The protesters demanded to meet with the representatives of the embassy. Afterwa...

08 May 2011
09 November 2010
  • 04:24The puppet party engaged with toy issues

    According to the press release of the Peoples' Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, party executives are trying to bring society's attention to the production of toys and their cultural quality. In the opinion of the Party's executives, these toys, especially imported ones, are negatively affecting our children's minds and spreading violence within young generations. But most stores have no wish to sell national Uzbek products. Many are indifferent to the young generation's fate. The Peoples' Demo...

31 October 2010
  • 21:35Tashkent held a 4-day international industrial fair and cooperation exchange market

    On 26-30 October, Tashkent “Uzexpocenter" held the 4th International industrial fair and cooperation exchange market, as it is known from official news. Naturally, as with everything in Uzbekistan, this it was said that this event was also made possible by the initiative of president Islam Karimov. This international forum gathered representative from 650 foreign organizations in 71 countries as well as 700 local companies. During this forum process, contracts between participants were ma...

23 October 2010
  • 04:35Hosila Rahimova returned to stage

    We informed on our news on September 3rd, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Hosila Rahimova’s license by "Uzbeknavo" Concert Touring Association was permanently canceled because of her late arrival to the Independence Day concert. As it is known now, the national song performer's political insensitivity was forgiven and she's been returned to the stage. The reason is she was able to please the dictators of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - Berdimuhamedov and Karimov in Ashkhabad at a joint concert in ...

16 October 2010
  • 04:50The Verdict to Abdumalik Boboev, journalist of "Voice of America" has been announced

    Today, Mirzo Ulugbek district criminal court has announced its verdict relative to Abdumalik Boboev’s charges of slander, insult, illegal border crossing, and the creation and distribution of materials which may undermine the public order. The journalist's charge of "illegally passing the border" was dismissed, but the other three charges resulted in 400 minimum wages in fines (18,086,000 sum or $8000). According to the journalist's lawyer Sergey Mayorov, the charges against Abdumalik Bobo...

14 October 2010
  • 13:28"Harakat" criticized, Mutabar Tojibaeva's response arrived through Ulugbek Bakir

    On October 9th of this year, in the article titled, "What would happen if the Nobel Peace Prize was given to an Uzbek, not to a Chinese?" we noted inactivity of such people like Sanjar Umarov, Saidjahon Zaynobiddinov or Mutabar Tojiboeva, who in different periods have been imprisoned by the Uzbek regime and who had forgotten about Uzbek people's problems after discharge. Our site collaborator, currently living in Norway, "Birlik" activist Ulugbek Bakir sent a letter to M...

13 October 2010
10 October 2010
  • 07:33Finally, Russian democrats are going to join into a single party, and now it’s the Uzbek democrats’ turn

    Yesterday, at the Bolotnaya Square in Moscow, was the first legally authorized rally of the "Russia without arbitrariness and corruption" coalition. Next, they had meeting of the Organizational Committee of the coalition. At the meeting it was decided to create the unified "People's Freedom" party. According to the information spread by the chairman of the People's Democratic Union Michael Kosyanov's consultant Elena Dikun, the party congress will be held in Moscow on December 13. The party's ...

06 October 2010
  • 18:43Nightmare in Kokand: The city’s government employee Muhammadjon Imomaliev and his family members were slaughtered

    Yesterday night, an authorized official of Kokand city Capital Building Department Muhammadjon Imomaliev, his wife and two sons were slaughtered in their own place of living. The reason for this shocking slaughter is still unknown. Officers from the National Security Service, the Prosecutor's office and the Internal Affairs Department organized a rapid response investigation group and the details of the case are being studied. According to some Kokand city dwellers, the slaughtering was a resul...