24 March 2015
07:30 - Tiny sensation: “Harakat” News Agency's (Uzbekistan) representative participated at the Camp David press conference

Yesterday, State Secretary John Kerry held a meeting in Camp David (US President’s residence) with President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister Abdullo Abdulloh. Then they held a joint press conference.

There was no sensational news about the US-Afghan relations at the press conference. But it seems that the proposal of Ashraf Ghani to raise the number of American troops in his country, made a few days before his visit to the United States, will be received positively. This is confirmed by Ashraf Ghani's visit to the Pentagon.

A tiny sensation of this press conference was the participation of Abdurahim Polat, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the “Harakat” Independent Information Agency, the only real and modern media outlet in Uzbekistan. He is also the leader of “Birlik” Party.

- I had two goals to come here, - says Abdurahim Polat. - First, I had hoped that Abdurashid Dustim, the actually vice-president of Afghanistan, would be there. He is Uzbek and I know him personally. However, as it turned out, Abdurashid Dustim did not come to Washington. Only his assistant was there and I talked with him. I told him about my confidence that "Birlik" Party will certainly come to power in Uzbekistan and the relations between the two countries will reach a new level.

The second goal of my participation in this press conference was to ask the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani the following question, using the shock therapy method, but trying to do it as polite as possible: "As you know, according to the incorrect but generally accepted interpretation (the so-called - tafsir) of the holy book of Islam - the Koran, any state should be Islamic. This applies both to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, but also to the United States. We all know that the purpose of the current Islamic terrorists is to build Islamic states. But, you and I are supporters of secular states. So it turns out, according to the current incorrect interpretation of the Koran, it is the Islamic terrorists who are the perfect Muslims. Therefore, it is clear that Islamic terrorism cannot be defeated by force. The only way to do this is to carry out fundamental reforms in Islam, as a result of which Islam will recognize, in particular, the principle of secularism. What do you think about the need of secularization of Islam? Can Afghanistan and Uzbekistan start working on this problem together?”

Unfortunately, only 5 participants of the press conference were allowed to ask questions. One of them was a correspondent of the Afghan service "Voices of America". Despite the fact that I kept raising my hand, I was not given the opportunity to ask my question. Undoubtedly, it was a great loss for both Islam and the West as a whole.

But I am convinced that sooner or later this problem will be understood by the world, Islam will recognize the principle of secularism, and Islamic terrorism will disappear by itself.

Photo: Abdurahim Polat just before the press conference in Camp David. Mini-stage is decorated with flags of the United States and Afghanistan.