11 September 2010
23:50 - Abdurahim Polat: The Koran is holy but its every copy made in different ways may not necessarily be considered as holy
A certain silly Floridian pastor decided to burn the copy of the Koran. The Muslims, who tried to fight against his wish, look not better than he. I think it would help to remind to them the following.

The Koran - is holy. But it was not received in a book shape. Later people copied Koran by handwriting and then using methods of polygraph printed the books.

We must respect each copy of Koran book, but we cannot make every copy of it holy. We have to understand it.

The true intention of the Floridian pastor is to laugh down Koran, mock at it, and show disrespect to Muslims. Although he renounces to burn a copy of Koran, he did not renounce from his aim and is not going to renounce.

Also we have to understand that people with this kind of intention always exist. For instance, lets recall Salmon Rushdi from India or Taslima Nasrin from Bangladesh.

The only way to shut this type of people's mouth is to disregard them and bring Islamic world to the level where everyone would envy it. Now we are behind of everybody. So, it is natural for people to laugh us down.