28 July 2010
04:13 - The investigation against raper- officers have finished it as expected
As we informed on our June 13th news, dwelling in Nishan district of Kashkadarya region, "Ezgulik" society activist, poet Azamat Mahsumov's daughter Shohista Mahsumova confessed herself guilty of murder after being frightened to be raped by the investigator officers. Her case is in appeal stage. And we also informed about investigation started against the raper-officers in face of the head of the criminal search department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kashkadarya region Anvar Ziyodov and other officers by the appeal court.

According to today's news, at the court trial, the investigation results against officers held by the regional Internal Affairs Department's special inspection brought the following results - absolute innocence on the officers, and that they held rightful investigation process. And now the murderer girl may be charged also with falsifying against innocent officers.

The Appeal court will announce its decision on June 30. Apparently the court decision will remain the same to the girl, as a victim of the officers' frightening.