Actual - 09 July 2006
04:01 - The letter of “Birlik” Party’s leader to the President of the USA
July 9, 2006

To the President of the USA Georges W. Bush

Mr. President,

Wishing to you a fruitful work during the G-8 Summit, we would like to once again shift your attention to the bloody events of the past year in the Uzbek city of Andijan.

In this ancient city, in the beginning of 21- century, governmental troops shot thousands of innocent people, hundreds lost their lives. This event will most likely remain in history of mankind as the last massacre in a country at peace.

We know that the peace protest was inspired by violent actions of the armed group driven to despair by injustice to their relatives. Democrats have condemned actions of the armed group. But this fact does not justify execution of peacefull demonstrators.

Authorities of Uzbekistan remain unpunished. They have refused to accomplish requirements of the US, EU and OSCE to allow independent investigation of bloodshed in Andijan. It is certainly moral death for OSCE which, basically, has made much for the development of democracy in the Eurasian continent, but it has appeared helpless to affect one of its members.

But, the Uzbek regime has also defenders. Certainly, here we do not speak about China, which itself has finished off the peace demonstrators on the main square of its capital city in 1989.

However, among defenders of president Karimov is Russia. Its president will be hosting G-8 summit and together with you will discuss vital issues of the near future of the people of our planet.

Certainly, Mr. Putin can tirelessly repeat statements of the president of Uzbekistan that violent mutiny of extremists has been suppressed in Andijan. But we should not forget that even the Commission of the Uzbek Parliament created for investigation of events of tragic day in Andijan still remains idle and keeps silence, i.e. it does not even dare to repeat the official version of the government. Besides, independent experts and human rights activists have already proved, that on May 13, 2005 in Andijan much more people, than officials of Uzbekistan claim, had been lost.

In such a situation it would be unaccountable if leaders of the G-8 close their eyes to this massacre, carried out by a regime that is supported by Russia, a G-8 participant.

The Uzbek democrats hope you and other leaders of the western countries at the G-8 will let president of Russia know, that he becomes the person who should share moral responsibility for slaughter in Andijan.

Once again, I wish successes to the work of the G-8 Summit and thank you for your attention.


Abdurahim Polat
Chairman of the "Birlik" Party (Uzbekistan)
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