17 November 2012
22:15 - Members of “Birlik” Party had visited the office of European Union in Uzbekistan
Today afternoon following members of the opposition of “Birlik” Party held a meeting with Chairman of Political Department of EU in Tashkent Ondrej Shimek: Deputy Chairman of opposition “Birlik” Party - Daynov Tashanov, General Secretary - Vasilya Inoyat, Chairman of Tashkent city organization of “Birlik” Hayit Abdulla, Chairman of Fergana region organization of “Birlik” Adham Muhiddin, Chairman of Andijan region organization of “Birlik” Musajon Bobojon, Chairman of Sirdarya region organization of “Birlik” Party Isroil Rizo, and Deputy Chairman of Kashkadarya region organization of “Birlik” Zulfiqor Mirzo.

General Secretary of “Birlik” Party Vasilya Inoyat told about recent meeting “Birlik” activists with the members of European Parliament in Strasburg. In that meeting she was talking about political integration, human rights, social-political situation in the country. Members of European Parliament supported opposition “Birlik” Party which is still trying to register itself in Uzbekistan. Moreover they promised to require authorities of Uzbekistan to release political prisoners like Murod Jorayev, Isroil Xoldorov. Additionally she told them that she asked them about the opportunity to be in contact with the office of EU in Uzbekistan.

Chairman of Tashkent and Ferghana regions Xayit Abdulla and Adham Muhiddin talked about the difficulties on registering opposition party in the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan. Furthermore they gathered 25000 signs for petition of the registration of “Birlik”, but they had faced too many restrictions and other difficulties and talked about fighting the situation with human rights. According to oppositionists, there are possibilities to do something no matter what kind of difficult situation Uzbekistan is in. For that reason you need to have strong desire to change something. Unfortunately many oppositionists are skeptic to the idea of party that has tactic, character and a way of fighting in democratic and constructive way.

Deputy Chairman of “Birlik” Daynov Tashanov was thankful for accepting delegation of “Birlik” by the representatives of EU in Uzbekistan. Moreover he mentioned that Western democracy is coming closer and political integration is becoming active. He said that the best way to create mechanisms which has influence to such kind of authoritarian regime in Uzbekistan is to hold political communications with the representatives of regime and these communications should not be held for the cost of forgetting what human rights is.

Ondrej Shimek in his speech told oppositionists about local media who is writing and talking about developing democracy every day, and he said that only a person who is not closely familiar with the situation inside the country can believe in that. Vasila Inoyar commented on this part of the speech of the diplomat. She said that many official international organizations are making a mistake believing in this, because there is no even tutorial of democracy in Uzbekistan.

Chairman of Sirdarya and Andijan region of “Birlik” Isroil Rizo and Musajon Bobojon talked about issues like corruption and economic problems in governmental organizations.

This 1.5 hour long meeting was held in a spirit of activity and information exchange.

Chairman of Political Department of EU in Uzbekistan promised that the problems that were mentioned here will be delivered to the leaders of the Union and the responsible employees of appropriate structures. He said that there will be developed mechanisms and ways that will force an influence on the government of Uzbekistan to accept registration of opposition party.

In the photo taken by Zulfiqor Mirzo, from the left to right: Musajon Bobojon, Hayit Abdulla, Isroil Rizo, Adham Muhiddin, Daynov Tashanov, Odrej Shimek and Vasila Inoyat.